Project Team

All the TMs, including researchers and doctoral students, are already involved in common research projects and/or participate together in fieldwork activities in Croatia. The positive experience gathered during previous work assures the highest quality of teamwork based on intense collaboration between the AdriaS project TMs. The PI and all the TMs are committed to the public outreach activities and will invest their effort into public promotion of the project objectives and results.

The international composition of the team is essential for the scientific shaping of the discipline of nautical archaeology, as until recently there was no experience in nautical archaeology research. It is also important from the point of view of the scientific collaboration, transfer of knowledge and networking among the young researchers. The predominant Croatian component takes care of the development of the future research and studies in Croatia, and the foreign researchers are expected to transfer their knowledge and skills to the Croatian TMs. On the other hand, through international collaboration, the specific skills of the Croatian researchers are promoted in the international scientific community.

The various scientific backgrounds of the involved researchers, and the resulting diverse incoming expertise, assure the achievement of the project’s complex goals. The field of archaeology differs significantly from the other fields of humanities through its essential need for extensive fieldwork and interdisciplinary research. For this reason, the researchers from the area of humanities work together with the researchers possessing technological and natural scientific backgrounds, in order to attain common objectives. At the same time, they also profit through collecting data for research and experimentation in their own scientific fields, and through testing new equipment or documentation techniques on specific nautical archaeology targets.