The AdriaS project aims at issuing a number of scientific publications that will make accessible the results of the nautical archaeology studies in Croatia, embedded into the historical, economical and social contexts of different periods of human past. It could be considered as a synthesis of the efforts invested into the most significant maritime historical and archaeological research realized in Croatia during the past five decades, but never promoted at the suitable scientific level.

Due to the financial restriction of the present days, it aims at exploiting the results of the already realized fieldwork research activities and the ongoing projects, in order to focus on their scientific interpretation and integration into the new achievements at the global level.  


I. Radić Rossi, G. Boetto, S. Marlier (ur.), Arheologija jadranske plovidbe i brodogradnje: Projekt Pakoštane / Archaeology of Adriatic Shipbuilding and Seafaring: The Pakoštane Project, monography. (D 2.2 / A 2.4)    Abstract and Content

I. Radić Rossi, M. Nicolardi, Brodolom kod Gnalića - Ogledalo renesansnog svijeta / The Shipwreck of Gnalić - Mirror of Renaissance World, monography.  (D 11/1 / A 11.1)   Abstract and Content  

K. Batur, S. Čule, Novi nalazi iz podmorja Kornata / New underwater finds from the Kornati Archipelago, article.     Abstract

IRadić Rossi, G. Boetto, CISSA ANTIQUA - Interdisciplinarna istraživanja podmorja i priobalja uvale Caske 2005. - 2015. / CISSA ANTIQUA - Underwater and Coastal Interdisciplinary Research of the Bay of Caska, 2005 - 2015, monography.     Abstract


I. Radić Rossi, Osnovna terminologija za potrebe arheologije broda / Basic terminology for the purpose of nautical archaeology, Archaeologia Adriatica 8. (D 2.1 / A 2.1)     Abstract     Glossary of basic terms

I. Radić Rossi, M. Nicolardi, K. Batur, The Gnalić shipwreck: Microcosm of the Late Renaissance world, u D. Davison (ur.), Croatia at the Crossroads, Oxford, Archaeopress.     Abstract

I. Radić Rossi, N. Cukrov, Archaeological Potential of the Anchialine Caves in Croatia, u G. Bailey, J. Harff, D. Sakellariou, Under the Sea: Archaeology and Palaeolandscapes, Springer.     Abstract

I. Radić Rossi, I. Karavanić, Croatia - Stone Age settlement and navigation, u A. Fischer, L. Pedersen, G. Bailey, Oceans of Archaeology, Wiley-Blackwell.     Abstract