About the website

Welcome to the Archaeology of Adriatic Shipbuilding and Seafaring (AdriaS) Project! This project and website www.adriasproject.org are supported by the Croatian Science Foundation (IP-2014-09-8211).

Undersea and coastal field research of the Adriatic Sea are essential to the study of Adriatic shipbuilding and seafaring in the past. This site is a data repository for information collected by project team members, and other cooperative researchers, on a wide range of investigations performed throughout the region, which affect the study, and understanding of Adriatic seamanship. 

The website systematically displays the content of numerous projects, to make information available and accessible to both scientific professionals and the general public.It is designed as a dynamic, interactive hub to allow participating scholars to present their findings, both those directly connected to seamanship and sea-lore, and other related to their scientific research activities.

The site is still partly ‘under construction’; the central management system allows continuous adjustment of data presentation, as well as the ability to add new content as it becomes available. Comments and creative suggestions are encouraged! Please submit constructive feedback, potential errors, or web page functionality issues to adrias.project.unidz@gmail.com or irradic@unizd.hr (principal investigator). Updates will be applied as quickly as possible.  Thank you for visiting, support, assistance and cooperation!