David Ruff PhD candidate

Institution: Texas A&M University
Country: United States of America

ID:  f9ed0144-56a6-4d13-93bb-611b4183fbf1

David Ruff is a doctoral student in Nautical Archaeology Program at Texas A&M University. He obtained his master degrees in Systems Technology (Antisubmarine Warfare) and Engineering Acoustics. He reached the position of captain in the US Navy, having 25-year career in submarines, including command of USS LOUISIANA (SSBN 743). He is currently actively involved in the research and study of ancient shipwrecks of the Adriatic. Through this activity he will contribute to the realization of the AdriaS project.



  • 2011-present
    PhD student, Nautical Archaeology Program, Texas A&M University, College Station TX
  • 1986-1988
    MS, Engineering Acoustics, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey CA
    MS, Systems Technology (Antisubmarine Warfare), Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey CA
    thesis:  Experimental and Computer Modeling of Local Reflection Effects on Received Sonar Signnals
  • 1978-1982
    BS, Chemistry, United States Naval Academy, Annapolis MD



  • 2010-2011      Vice President/General Manager, Sayres and Associates
  • 2007-2010      Principal Project Manager, AREVA NP, Inc.
  • 1982-2007      Captain, US Navy.  25 year career in submarines, including command of USS LOUISIANA (SSBN 743)



  • 2015               

Institute of Nautical Archaeology Claude Duthuit Archaeological Grant


  • 2017

Team member, Albania Survey, R/V Hercules (RPM Nautical), Vlore, Albania

Team diver, Bay of Caska Liburnian Sewn Boat Excavation, Island of Pag, Croatia

  • 2015

Co-director, Bay of Kastela Roman Shipwreck Excavation; documentation, photogrammetry and reconstruction of a ship scuttled to strengthen a Roman villa sea wall;

Team diver, CissAntiqua Project; bay of Caska, island of Pag

Team diver, Sv. Jeronim Project, bay of Suđurađ, island of Šipan

  • 2012

Team diver, The Venetian Shipwreck at Gnalic - Mirror of Renaissance World


  • 2018 Book review, “The Romans and Trade,” International Journal of Nautical Archaeology, vol 47, #1, 236-237.
  • 2017 “An Ancient Laced Boat in the Shadow of a Senatorial Estate,” INA Quarterly vol 44, #1/2, Spring/Summer 2017, p. 18-23.
  • 2016 Book review, "Slavish Shore," The Northern Mariner/Le marin du nord, vol XXVI, #1, January 2016, p. 74-76. 
  • 2015 "Excavation of an Early Imperial Roman Ship at Trstenik in the Gulf of Kaštela, Croatia," INA Quarterly vol 42, #4, Winter 2015, p. 10-17.
  • 2015 Book review, "Submarine Torpedo Tactics," The Northern Mariner/Le marin du nord, vol XXV, #2, April 2015, p. 188-190. 
  • 2015  Book review, "Submarine Torpedo Tactics", The Northern Mariner
  • 2012  "The Gnalic Shipwreck: New Excavation, New Insights"  INA Quarterly vol 39, #3/4, Fall/Winter 2012, p. 17





Trstenik/Kaštel Sućurac Submerged remains of a Roman villa, in the immediate vicinity of Salona

The Shipwreck of Gnalić - Mirror of Renaissance World Gagliana grossa, 1583

CISSA ANTIQUA Roman multi-stratified settlement and port in the bay of Caska at the island of Pag