Suzana Čule PhD candidate

Institution: University of Zadar
Country: Croatia

ID: dd8a381d-5634-43af-817d-55ff077df99a


Suzana Čule is a doctoral student at the Department of Archaeology of the University of Zadar. She actively participates in the archaeological fieldwork, and efficiently works on graphic documentation. Due to its extreme importance in the process of documenting the ship’s hulls, her participation to the project is targeted to the documentation, reconstruction and interpretation of the ships’ remains and the study of the ships’ equipment and cargo.



2003 – 2009

  • Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb, Department of Archaeology (thesis History and methodology of Underwater Archaeology - mentor Ina Miloglav)

2001 – 2002

  • Birotehnika, high school degree




Sep. – Oct. 2013

  • International Archaeological Camp Colentum, Murter -

2012 - 2013

  • The Venetian Shipwreck at Gnalić - Underwater archaeological research

2010 - 2012

  • Underwater Interdisciplinary project in Caska Bay at the island of Pag

2009 - today

  • Institute of archaeology, Zagreb - drawing of artefacts, Croatian to English translation of the AnnalesInstitutiArchaeologici VIII-2012

April – Dec. 2009

  • Prentice at the Department of Underwater Archaeology at the Croatian Conservation Institute



  • Vižula near Medulin – Underwater archaeological research of submerged ancient architecture + drawing of artefacts and architecture.   
  • Survey of the Dubrovnik region– Underwater archaeological survey of the sea bad surrounding the islands of Mljet and Korčula + drawing of artefacts.
  • Survey of the middle Dalmatian region – Underwater archaeological survey of the sea bad surrounding the Čiovo peninsula + drawing of artefacts.
  • Survey of the Kvarnera sea bad – the island of Lošinj + drawing of collected artefacts and those left in situ.
  • Rescue archaeological excavation– Mala Stinica.



  • Vižula near Medulin – Underwater archaeological research of submerged ancient architecture + drawing of artefacts and architecture.
  • Desilo – Hutovoblato - Underwater archaeological research + drawing of roman and prehistoric artefacts.
  • Rescue excavation and presentation of the site Lobor – MajkaBožjaGorska(Faculty of Philosophy at the university of Zagreb) – drawing of architectural stone sculpture.         



  • Murter – Mioka – Underwater archaeological research of the modern Age shipwreck + drawing of artefacts.
  • Rescue archaeological excavation Most naJadru –dr. FranjoTuđman street, Solin (Geoarheo Ltd, Zagreb) – drawing of sepulchral and architectural stone sculpture.



2005 – 2006

  • Rescue archaeological excavation of the necropolis and the economic complex in Caska, island of Pag( Geoarheo Ltd, Zagreb) – preparation of field documentation, processing and drawing of the archaeological artefacts.


2005 – 2006

  • Project of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb - ancient site Andautonia in Ščitarjevo - the organization of the event "Days of Andautonia in Ščitarjevo".


2004 - 2008

  • Systematic archaeological research on the site - Vineyard Streim (City Museum of Vukovar, Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Zagreb, Archaeological Museum Zagreb) - preparation of field documentation and drawing of the archaeological artefacts.




Manganel (Makneli), cove/Krk Early New Age anchorage of local importance, on the W coast of the island of Krk

CISSA ANTIQUA Roman multi-stratified settlement and port in the bay of Caska at the island of Pag

The Shipwreck of Gnalić - Mirror of Renaissance World Gagliana grossa, 1583
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